Owner FAQ

Is this going to be at a cost, if so what is the rates?
I forgot my password. What do I do ?
How do I select languages for communication (step 2) ? double clicking didn't work.
What do I need to fill in at "date" - step 3 ?
Are reviews being screened in advance ?
Can I add a special offer ?
Can a user book my property via HolidayGo.com ?
My question is not in the F.A.Q list. Who can I contact ?
What is HolidayGo ?
The zip codes in our country contain only 4 numbers, your form requires 5 numbers. What to do?
How long does it take until my add is uploaded ?
How do I pay?
What contract periods are available?
What is the difference between HolidayGo and Booking.com ?
What do I do if I have one B&B and one villa for rent ?
I am listed at Booking.com. Can I still list with HolidayGo.com ?