About us


HolidayGo is a Portal that acts as an advertisement platform in the field of tourism.

The portal focuses on two main issues:

·         All kinds of Accommodation option worldwide.

·         Trip ideas worldwide.



HolidayGo presents accommodation options worldwide for all classes from tents through B&B, agro-tourism, farmhouses … up to luxury hotels and palaces.

All accommodations are presented using a template that is filled and maintained by information that the owner provides.

In addition, HolidayGo is an affiliated partner of Booking.com and provides the option of online booking in over 100,000 hotels in 89 countries worldwide, with instant confirmation.


Trip ideas

HolidayGo presents trip ideas all over the world, divided by country, region or city.

This portal's user audience can find various trip ideas from one day-long to 10 days and more. Every trip is accompanied by relevant images and video clips.

All trips, images and videos are uploaded by HolidayGo users that traveled and wanted to share their experiences with others.



We have developed a convenient mechanism through which you can leave a detailed request for a vacation. We will take care of immediate transfer of your request to all relevant holiday owners at the country / region / sub-region / locality or a specific holiday owner.


our vision

HolidayGo management aims to be one of the world's leading site for accommodation and excursions.

Site Management invites all holiday unit owners to register to HolidayGo for a free try-out.

We promise to continue to develop and refine the management tools through which you can enter and maintain content on your website in HolidayGo.


HolidayGo management will invest as much as possible in the continued development of systems to allow users easy navigation to interesting content.


Site Management invites users to report failures, errors or incorrect information in the portal to the email address: report@holidaygo.com.